Nearer & nearer…

As the departure date gets closer and I realise how much preparation I still have to do before I set off on this great adventure to Western Australia, I find I’m checking the calendar and counting sleeps more frequently than ever. A bit like a child anticipating Christmas.

There is one item I would like to acquire, more for peace of mind than anything, and that’s a really good torch. There’s nothing quite so frustrating as trying unsuccessfully to find something in the boot at night with an ordinary hand-held torch, only to discover the elusive item glaring at you in the sunrise, as if to say, “Me? I was here all the time!” If anyone knows of a suitable – and rugged – type of torch, please tell me.

I’m having a little altercation with the car ‘fridge this morning. It hasn’t been functioning as well as expected lately, so I brought it inside to test it out on 240v. It works like a charm and nearly froze my fingers off when I checked after an hour. Perhaps it’s the power outlet in the back of the car that isn’t delivering? This afternoon I’ll try plugging the beastie into one of the other outlets. I’m afraid I won’t need a great deal of persuading not to bother taking it at all, as my small amount of milk, butter and cheese will doubtless keep for a day or two in an insulated bag. I’m not expecting tropical conditions.

There remains the wardrobe. I am having a great time deciding what to take and what to leave behind. There are so many eventualities to prepare for. At least I won’t have to concern myself with the airport weigh in. What won’t fit in the car will be left behind, so that bit’s easy.

Only 10 more sleeps!

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