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Born and raised in Kent, England, Mary’s earliest recollections are mainly grey interspersed with bursts of brightly coloured ceremonial occasions. Winters were cold, usually white; summer days were warm and sunny, but roaring gales featured frequently, as did rain. Lots of rain.

Books featured hugely in her formative years and soon became a passion. Her favourite subject at school was English. She loved to read, particularly adventure stories, and her favourite homework was to write an essay or a piece of creative fiction. English became her passion.

Another passion... flying w-a-y back when stockings had seams and aeroplanes had growling piston engines and propellers.

Another passion… flying w-a-y back when aeroplanes were powered by piston engines and stewardesses wore smart uniforms with hats.  

Soon Mary had another passion: aviation, where she worked in maintenance planning, traffic and as cabin crew before moving to Australia. There she met her husband and raised a family which included a succession of pets including German Shepherds, cats, birds and ferrets.

Mary’s love of books endured throughout the years and in the 1980s she began writing seriously. For some years she worked as a journalist but favoured the freedom of writing fiction, and had some success with stories written for audiobooks. Her articles have appeared in magazines and her short stories have been included in anthologies. She produces a monthly newsletter for a local writers’ group and is currently working on her second 20th Century historical romance.