In the pearl-white light of the rising moon they danced from star to star,
locked in a loving embrace.
No wisp of cloud obscured the glitter of their perfect heaven;
only stardust marked their path across midnight’s flawless, velvet sky.

Beneath them mortals gazed in awe at their starlit sparkle,
knowing nothing of their passion, their enduring love, the silvery bonds that bound them.
Wraithlike in the moonlight they flew, on wings of silver filigree.
Rich treasures of their loving embrace binding them forever.

He took her to heights she could not reach alone.
He soared and led her heavenward,
his guiding hand taking her aloft again and again.
Earthlings could not know the love he had for her; she for him.

Their world was not for sharing. Beneath their feet mere mortals
could but look up and wonder,
Did those lovers touch the stars? Did their glittering spirits ever return to Earth?
Elite lovers, exclusive together. Alone.