Rain Dancing

We’ve all made excuses for not doing something at some time or another. You know the sort of thing, ‘The dog ate my homework’, ‘I had other, more pressing issues to deal with’, ‘It was too hot/cold’, etc., etc. I don’t think I have ever heard anyone make an excuse for doing something, so imagine my surprise when, six months after quoting for my new kitchen, the builder arrived to start work.

‘It’s too wet to pour concrete and it’s raining too hard to do any roofing today, so I thought we’d make a start on your kitchen.’ That was at the beginning of March. Two days later the rain stopped, and so did work on my kitchen.

Let the work commence.

Let the work commence.

Seven weeks into a project that was to be a ‘two or three week job’ we’re approaching Anzac day and my kitchen is about half way to completion, an achievement I am proud to attribute to my unashamedly prancing about on the lawn doing my version of a rain dance.

Sadly, there’s only so much rain dancing an old chook can do, so I’ve resorted to prayer, calling upon divine intervention to encourage further work on the kitchen.




Progress, no matter how slow, brings such joy to the heart, but if only these steps in the process were not so tiny and so far apart the ongoing disruption would be easier to bear.

Now, which of the boxes in the dining room holds the magic Oxo cubes…?


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