David Williams

I’d like to tell you about a man I knew for some twenty years, yet knew not at all until his coffin stood before a small gathering in Ipswich.  His funeral was an intimate affair, attended only by his family and close friends who were invited to speak about him.

As people spoke I learned more and was able to assemble enough components of his life to see the composite picture. There were more facets to this man than I could have imagined.

David was a man of many talents and became an accomplished musician early in his life, playing the guitar, drums and pipes. He was gifted with a fine, bass-baritone voice and a recording of him singing one of his own compositions had the tears flowing. He built boats, and he became a pilot of powered aeroplanes and gliders and, for some years, owned an aircraft. He was a great mentor, encouraging others in their endeavours. A model builder and reader he became an expert in both fields, absorbing information like a sponge – and was able to draw upon it and quote accurately.

David entertaining an appreciative audience after a Writers' Ink meeting.

David entertaining an appreciative audience after a Writers’ Ink meeting.

For twenty-five years David suffered serious and life-threatening diseases, succumbing only this week. It will take some time to adjust to the loss of this great man who, despite the difficulties, spared no effort to make the journey to Tenterfield to be at our meetings.

Possessing a quiet, dry wit and Olde Worlde charm, his personality could truly be described as unique and, for all these attributes, I regarded him as a wonderful and treasured friend.

David Williams, I wish you fair winds, clear skies and good sailing.

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