Leaving Malta

This morning I woke with a dreadful feeling of sadness because I’m leaving Malta this evening. When I decided to do this trip I figured it would be the last, for no other reason than that these mature aged bones don’t like long-haul flying so much any more. The human memory, though, is short and surprisingly forgiving. I’m already wondering how soon I can do it all again!

Pondering the thinning ranks of close (and ageing) relatives here, it seems more important than ever to make the journey again. Well, I’ll think about it, anyway, and I’ll always have the prospect of another visit in the back of my mind.

The warmth of the greetings, the welcome hugs and the immediate acceptance has much to do with the fact that I’m John’s daughter, and John was everyone’s favourite uncle. They don’t have to treat me like royalty, but they do, and I appreciate every moment of our time together.

I suppose I’m writing this as a tribute to my amazing, loving family, who share their time so generously with me, who answer my questions, who remind me that I’m not alone on this planet, all of whom I love to bits.

To the Xerris, the Paces, the Salibas, their spouses, their descendants and the ones I haven’t mentioned – you know who you are – thank you for being who you are, and thank you for being related to me. I hope to see you all againĀ one day.


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