Wagga Wagga – Koorawatha

Wagga was an interesting city to find my way out of. I hadn’t understood the first principle of city navigation: you need to know exactly where you are before you can figure out an escape route. Signs to Young and Cowra don’t appear until you’re actually on the right road. Duh! Should have known. I hadn’t the wit to fire up my sexy new Aldi sat-nav.

Back in the depths of NSW on a glorious morning. The sky is a perfect blue, the sun is warm, the countryside is a patchwork of green and canola yellow… and the road is, well, it’s New South Wales rubble. Why, please, if the rest of Australia’s roads can be so good, do we have to put up with such appalling country roads here? I expected more from the Olympic Highway.

It was good to be back with family, where I’ll stay for a few days until they kick me out. It’s been a great trip across to the west and back and, with a mere 864 kms to go, it’s pretty much over. The joy of the conference was that I was able to pitch my book to a mainstream publisher… I await a response, be it favourable or not – and I have some fabulous memories of a great adventure.




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